Neoromantic Contemporary Music



A new symphony, and a venture into the Flute Ensemble

Notícias 12.10.2012, 01:01

What a crazy month. I finally wrapped up edits on my second symphony (shockingly titled Symphony No. 2) and posted here prior to publication. This one is definitely not "stream of consciousness" style that dominates any of my other pieces; no, we have a lot of melodic side-trips in this one. Solos for oboe, English horn, violin and trumpet eventually made their presence known and turned this one into a pretty colorful and less stylistically focused work. A good thing, I think, because I was starting ...


In Process - "O Lemuria: Songs of The Purple Sun"

Notícias 30.06.2012, 00:55

A unique secular oratorio by composer/performer Irminsul, "O Lemuria: Songs of The Purple Sun" is currently in rehearsal on the Big Island of Hawaii. The legend of Lemuria and the continent of Mu is powerful and mysterious. Musically connecting with it on the land believed to be the last remaining fragment of Mu is compelling, and gives the work a profoundly added meaning. Employing the mesmerizing voices of the Waimea Consort Choir, the strings of some of the players of the Kamuela Philharmonic, and ...