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In Process - "O Lemuria: Songs of The Purple Sun"

novidades 30.06.2012 00:55

A unique secular oratorio by composer/performer Irminsul, "O Lemuria: Songs of The Purple Sun" is currently in rehearsal on the Big Island of Hawaii. The legend of Lemuria and the continent of Mu is powerful and mysterious. Musically connecting with it on the land believed to be the last remaining fragment of Mu is compelling, and gives the work a profoundly added meaning.

Employing the mesmerizing voices of the Waimea Consort Choir, the strings of some of the players of the Kamuela Philharmonic, and percussion phenom Maki-San Sugahara, Irminsul brings his music and his Celtic Harp to address a subject of unwavering interest to the alternative spirituality community. Through pieces obtained in channeling sessions over two years, Irminsul has woven electronics, voice and acoustic instrumentation to bring life to the story of an ancient race and land, beings of light and connected mind who left a legacy of hope and ascension for a modern people facing an era of Great Change.

Language was a particular concern in producing this work, as modern English wasn't quite a "fit" with the nature of the music.  Therefore, except for the song "Mark of Gold", Irminsul experimented with "spirit language", a creative subconscious lingual art most famously employed by singer Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance). It is intuitive vocalizations, without concern for grammar and structure, obtained by performing the pieces in real time and recording what is vocally prompted. Additionally, the Waimea Consort will use their own brand of choral improvisation in some pieces; a practice rarely attempted in live choral music.

A general target date of early winter is slated for the debut performance of this work, with possible added performances to other parts of the island and others in the Hawaiian chain.


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