Neoromantic Contemporary Music
Irminsul Harp
Irminsul is a celtic harpist, keyboardist and award winning composer with a background that spans classical to darkwave music. He has traveled with all sorts of acts from heavy metal, to neoCeltic to World ensembles, and written for piano, strings, woodwinds, mixed ensemble, orchestra and electronic studio arrays. His modern but accessible songs and instrumental compositions reflect years of mixed cultural experience, weaving in and out of old world Paganism and new world sonic austerity. He has performed for dozens of concerts, both large and small in the US mainland, Hawaii, Europe and Asia.

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Новое в блоге

A new symphony, and a venture into the Flute Ensemble

Новости 12.10.2012

What a crazy month. I finally wrapped up edits on my second symphony (shockingly titled Symphony No. 2) and posted here prior to publication. This one is definitely not "stream of consciousness" style that dominates any of my other pieces; no, we ...

Three New Piano Pieces

Статья 07.07.2012

The third volume of my piano work is taking shape finally, with the addition of these three new pieces. Etude No. 7 This etude, seventh on the series so far, is an experiment in strengthening the rhythmic dexterity of the index and middle ...

In Process - "O Lemuria: Songs of The Purple Sun"

Новости 30.06.2012

A unique secular oratorio by composer/performer Irminsul, "O Lemuria: Songs of The Purple Sun" is currently in rehearsal on the Big Island of Hawaii. The legend of Lemuria and the continent of Mu is powerful and mysterious. Musically connecting with it ...